“Tech Support for Non Technical People”

Lee Reese is a former CompTIA certified PC technician turned online writer, web developer and small business marketing specialist.

As an in-house PC tech Lee was responsible for hundreds of computers during his career and spent many overtime hours replacing, upgrading or recovering data from crashed hard drives and other storage devices.

Now Lee likes sharing his knowledge with other hard working small business people who are concerned  about the high costs of hard drive repairs or worried losing their sensitive business data or important personal files.

Lee says, “My goal for this website is to help small business people and other small office professionals find answers about which hard drives, data storage devices and recovery tools are the “best bang for the buck” or that are listed as top of their class.”

“Basically I want to show you how to DIY and save money!”

“I hope you like this site. I’m always glad to hear from readers who have questions, comments and other feedback to improve what I do.”

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*The name Lee Reese is a pen name used by the author, and all statements regarding Lee Reese’s personal history refers to the author’s own personal history and professional experiences.