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A Former Certified PC Technician comes cleans and
exposes the “best kept secret” in the IT industry….


How To Fix a Dying Hard Drive & Rescue Your MOST Critical Personal Information and Business Files in Just 2 Hours!


Discover an Effective Way to Recover Your Most Important and Sensitive Files without Losing Your Mind.


Hello, my name is Lee Reese and I am a former computer support specialist. For over 18 years I helped working people, learn how to effectively master and understand their computer technology.

Over the years, I have developed or discovered lots of computer repair shortcuts, tweaks and tricks known only to myself or other computer professionals. I have saved people thousands of dollars on unnecessary downtime and expensive repair bills using my “secret” methods.

In the past I used to only use these privately held techniques on the job. But I could only help a few folks a day working one-on-one. That got to be very frustrating.

But not anymore! Now I am letting the “cat of the bag” and sharing with you all my simple and affordable “secret” repair tips.


frustrated computer user


Dealing with Hard Drive Failure:

What To Do When Your Drive Goes Bad!


This Special Report was Written With the Non-Technical Person In Mind


Here’s a peek inside“Dealing With Hard Drive Failure”

  • In-depth “by-the-numbers” instructions – just let
    your “finger” guide you through the repair. Never get lost or confused.
  • No technical jargon – written in plain, everyday
  • Set up in an easy to read layout – no “itty-bitty”
    print to decipher while you are working.
  • Color photographs – clear shots for all the tricky
  • Digital format – available for instant download. Get
    started right away.
  • Two complete “Troubleshooting Checklists” – one for
    hardware problems and another for software issues.
  • Recommendations sections – Expert advice detailing
    the you action steps you should take next.
  • Resource section with links to online technical support and software available

You will be able to repair your broken hard drive in a matter of hours.
This will save you a bundle of money along with hours of wasted effort and downtime.

This easy to understand 15 page manual is crammed full of detailed, step-by-step instructions with full color photographs to illustrate the fastest, most effective ways to troubleshoot the most common hard drive problems.

I basically give you a short intro and then jump into the good stuff. I have laid it all out for you in detail. If your hard drive is going bad or even dead, this is the manual for you must have.

This manual is short in pages but long on useful information. No fluff, no padding, no “geek-speak” or confusing technical jargon. No “pie in the sky” promises. Just down to earth, how-to information that really works.

You will learn useful how-to tips and procedures that have been proven to work day-after-day. Hey, my job depended on me being able to get systems back up and running as soon as possible. And that’s what I did.

And that’s what I will teach you in Dealing with Hard Drive Failure.


Get your copy now & start using it right away….

Can an Ordinary Person Learn How to Repair a Broken Hard Drive in Just a Couple of Hours?


They sure can! I know because I have helped lots of people over the past few years do that very thing. There’s lots of free how-to computer help out on the Internet but like Goldilocks and the Three Bears; some of it too basic and some of it way too advanced and dang it, the rest one wasn’t right either!

I know from personal experience…

I suffered my first hard drive failure I was a first year student enrolled in a computer technology program!

My drive died on Sunday afternoon and I lost over two and half days of work on a project that had a Monday afternoon deadline.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, I should have backed up my files. But I did…I had made a full week’s backup on Thursday morning. But every bit of work I had done since then was “POOF!”. All gone.

I desperately searched through all my high dollar textbooks and technical manuals but none of them explained in enough detail what I should do to restore my drive.

Not a single one.

I could have cried. Here I was surrounded by nearly a thousand dollars worth of technical books, manuals and software; I couldn’t find the answer to fix my own computer!

To make a long, sad story, short (I just can’t stand to talk about it anymore), I went into debt and replaced my dead hard drive with a new one, stumbling along with what little computer repair knowledge I could pull out of my fatigued mind.

Then I pulled an “all-nighter” and turned in my assignment. I got a “D” for it being late (and probably for being a

I quickly learned all the best computer repair advice was in somebody else’s head.

So I started writing stuff down. Whenever I would learn a new tip or solution to a common problem I would either print it out or make a note of it someplace.

I have at least three or four file boxes full of technical information sitting around in my home office. I became something of a computer technology pack-rat!

From Cheatsheets to This Special How-to Report

When I first started making notes on all the little techniques and workarounds I learned over the last 18 years, I never thought I would write a how-to guide some day.

I admit I did it of out pure self defense. Like I said, once you lose everything to a dying hard drive you never forget it. I just wanted to know some fool-proof ways to save my bacon if and when it ever happened again (which it did!).

Over time I wrote out little “cheatsheets” so I could remember what to do.

And I got very good results from my little cheatsheets. I would often print out my little how-to and give them out to folks when I got too busy to get to them right away.

As a desktop support technician, I always got high marks for my computer repair skills.

But when out-of-town friends starting calling me about their computer problems, I tried talking to them but soon realized it would be better if I could just send them some kind of how-to cheatsheet like I used on the job.

So I started sending out emails filled with step-by-step instructions, just as if I was standing in the room with them telling them what to do next.

My little how-to cheatsheets were a hit! My friends saved hundreds of dollars in repair costs and I saved on my long distance bill! But I couldn’t send out my little “cheatsheets” to everyone who needed help…until now.


Dealing with Hard Drive Failures only costs $7.

The time and money you would waste taking off from work to wait on a “roaming computer guy” will cost you at least 10-20 times that much.

Now I am NOT putting down “computer guys”. Hey remember I used to do computer work for a living but you and I both know just how expensive computers repairs can be.

One of the largest retail “geek” service companies in the US, charges $199 – $2000 for repairs and that’s if you drag the PC down to the store yourself. They charge even more if they drive out to your home or office in their cute little cars!

Let me ask you a question…how many times have you or someone you know paid big bucks for some computer repair work only to find out later that it was considered a “simple” or “routine” thing?

Okay, here it is. The “best kept secret” in the IT industry…most minor hard drive recovery is not rocket science! It’s not very hard at all. Just about anyone with this good troubleshooting guide and a screwdriver can fix most common hard drive recovery problems.

The reason hard repairs costs so much is because like one of my teachers told me, all the really “good” information is stored inside somebody’s brain. And you are paying for that’s person’s hard-won knowledge and experience not just their time.

With Dealing with Hard Drive Failures, I have already done all the hard work for you. You will quickly follow the steps I have outlined so you can fix your hard drive at home with just a few simple hand tools and some affordable software.


Download your copy here…

“Read what one
of my clients says about me…”

Lee has handled various Information Technology services for LCM Builders, Inc. since it’s inception in 1995. Lee’s consultation and guidance has helped LCM navigate through the confusing computer issues that face a small business today.

The training sessions conducted by him are well attended and effective. Our people are utilizing their computers more effectively and our estimating is more efficient.

As a result many of our computer maintenance tasks have been streamlined which has allowed us to keep our overhead costs in control.

Lee’s professionalism and understanding of the technology as well as his ability to understand client needs has lead him to excel in the IT field.

I highly recommend his services and products.

Lynn Moore

President, LCM Builders, Charlotte, NC



Warning – this manual is not for everyone

While I have taken every effort to make sure this simple little report as easy and straight forward as I can, this is NOT a for dummie’s manual.

While this is not an advanced, for “geeks-only” handbook, it does require that you be able to do more than surf the web. It is designed to be a how-to guide for intermediate or “power” computer users.

But if you have downloaded and installed a software program and can use simple hand tools like a screwdriver and pliers then this ebook can be of help to you.

I’m going to be honest with you here – the techniques outlined in this manual can only help you recover a limited number of critical files, photos and documents.  I wrote this ebook to help those people who are experiencing minor hard drive problems.

Yet with that being said, by using this report you will be able to recover your MOST important data files quickly BEFORE your failing hard drive completely dies on you.

However you might need to get help from a professional data recovery service…

  1. If the data on the hard drive is proprietary, classified, confidential or secret
  2. If the files or data on the hard drive are one-of-a-kind or irreplaceable
  3. If the hard drive containing data files like the ones mentioned above is showing signs of immediate failure

Basically you should use a professional data recovery service if saving the data on this hard drives means saving your business or your job. If your situation matches any of the above then you need to click here >> Professional Data Recovery.

So why buy from me?

Because within this manual I not only give you solid how-to information collected over 18 years of experience, but I also offer “expert guidance” just like I do when consulting with my regular offline clients.

As a computer support specialist I feel that I should not only “show you the way” but should also take the time to share my knowledge and experience with you. I’m just a hardworking computer geek who simply wants to share with you this easy to use method to repair your machine and save yourself some money.

100% Full Money Back Guarantee

Get a copy of Dealing with Hard Drive Failures. Read it. Put my checklists to work. But if you don’t think it’s going to work for you, return it within 60 days and you’ll receive a full refund.

I take my reputation as helpful and honest person, seriously so I’ll try not to disappoint you with the information provided within this manual.If you’re not happy with this manual for any reason, then you have a right to request and receive a full refund.

No hassles, no arguments. No ducking your e-mails. No kidding. That’s my promise to you.

Are you ready to get your data back?

Dealing with Hard Drive Failures is a digital PDF document, so you’ll be able to download and read it the same day or night you order it. When you download it you can print out it and file a copy in a safe place in your immediate workspace.

Next you need to read the entire manual. Use your finger and move it down the checklist going from step to step. See, I told you easy-peasy.

Now look over the “Resources” section. Gather all the tools and software
programs you will need. If you don’t have Internet access you may want
to bug a friend for help.

You can now begin putting these tips to work immediately. It’s a very
straightforward process. And it’s explained in a step-by-step fashion.

Get Dealing with Hard Drive Failures and learn how you can easily repair your computer hard drive and save yourself hundreds of dollars.


~ Lee Reese, CompTIA A+, Network+ Technician


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P.S. – Don’t let a fear of “gadgets” and “technical stuff” cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your computer. Do it yourself and save!