Desktops are from Chrysler™ & Laptops are from Refrigadare™ – Part Two

Now you can “fix” all of the above problems by buying after-market parts like keyboards, mice and monitors but you did get this thing to be mobile, right?

Laptop replacement parts for the average “do-it-yourself” Joe are expensive, hard to come by and tough to work with. Trust me on this one. Imagine lots of itty-bitty screws and tiny plastic parts and that’s just opening the case.

Since you aren’t an authorized dealer, you will spend hours online or on the phone tracking down spec sheets, part numbers and used/new laptop components. The word “labor-intensive” is not applied lightly.

You get the picture. All those things could be easily modified or changed on a regular old desktop with a quick trip to your local electronic superstore.

And I won’t go in the short battery-life (which are never covered in the warranty and cost almost as much as a used laptop of the same age); “lug damage” (oops, I dropped my laptop and it can’t get up) and overheating issues some laptops have; this article is just too short for that.

So, Now What?

Unless you have to have one for work or study, I would say why spend the cash? For the same amount of moo-la it would take to get an average laptop, you could have a superior new desktop or even two older “legacy” machines you can network together (you know the ones, just one or three years old).

But what you say?

You say you have a fantasy of yourself answering emails while sitting in bed, or working while lounging in the garden?

Forget about it. Part of the small business mindset is learning to conserve your money for those important technology functions, which push your business to greater productivity (i.e. profits), not just getting a cool new toy or gadget to impress your pals.

But if you just have gotta have one, make sure you toady up the extra cash for a minimum 3 year warranty. Having a long term support contract is essential with a laptop purchase.

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Desktops are from Chrysler™ & Laptops are from Refrigadare™