How to spring clean your computer…

Do You Ever Degunk Your PC?

“It’s like a closet…your hard drive is like a closet. You can’t keep putting all these programs in here. You have to clean stuff out every now and then.”, I kept telling him.

But he would just nod and smile. He wasn’t getting it. He was an older user and this computer stuff was something he only got into to so he could check his stock portfolios and sent email back and forth to his grandkids in college.

The idea that (in those days it was huge) a 20 gigabytes hard drive of could get full was mind-boggling. Mr. “F” just couldn’t understand how over time hard drives become bloated and corrupt with all the programs people download and install. I never could get him to understand of degunking his PC.

But today, with terabyte drives entering the consumer market, hard drive maintenance is more important than ever. The following PC cleanup and maintenance tips should be done on a routine basis (at least once a month).

If your computer is running slowly, or crashing frequently then these techniques should be done immediately. These techniques are the most fundamental thing you can do regularly to maintain your PC’s performance.

These techniques are like spring cleaning your hard drive. The storage space stays the same size but now that you have thrown away all the junk and reorganized, your files are a lot easier to find and backup.

This type of maintenance is the key to long-life and smooth performance with your PC. And when done with regularity will noticeably increase the efficiency of your computer.

The following procedures should be set up to run in “Task Scheduler”. Task Scheduler is an Internet Explorer tool that you can install by using the Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Windows tool.

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