Review: Computer Secrets Unleashed! Volume 2

Computer Secrets Unleashed! Volume 2: Home & Small Office Networking

Author: Rich Pryor
Format: PDF
Pages: 60+
Delivery: Download only
Publisher: Hana Bound LLC
Publication Date: 2009
Order now for: Part of 3 Volume Package: $37.00**

Okay, I’m starting not to like this guy! No, no, no not for the reason you think! He keeps writing the ebooks, I wanted to do. Dang it!

In his first ebook, Computer Secrets Unleashed! Volume 1: PC Tips and Tricks, Pryor laid out some the best computer maintenance and repair information; I have read in a long time. No, I’m not kidding. Okay, the guy ain’t Will Shakespeare, but who is?

He’s an IT pro and in his manual he has written simple, easy to use steps just how to properly maintain and keep a home or small office computer up and running perfectly. He tells his readers the same thing I tell my own clients! It’s like being a echo chamber.

Now his has gone and done it again with Computer Secrets Unleashed! Volume 2: Home & Small Office Networking. This is the ebook I wished I had gotten BEFORE I started doing small office consulting.

Let me tell you, working with a well organized company that has 10 or 12 servers and over a 100 computer users is a piece of cake compared to getting 2 poorly maintained PCs hooked to a small wireless setup using cheap networking equipment. If you have a home or small office network or on the verge of installing one, then you need to get this ebook.  Buy it, read it and then call me!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Configuring Your Router
Chapter 2 – Wiring Your LAN (Local Area Network)
Chapter 3 – Wired Networking
Chapter 4 – Wireless Networking
Chapter 5 – Configuring File and Printer Sharing
Chapter 6 – Setting up a Shared Folder
Chapter 7 – Choosing and Sharing Printers
Chapter 8 – Remote Desktop Connection
Chapter 9 – Expanding Your Network and Other Advanced Topics
Chapter 10 – Basic Network Troubleshooting

The section on “Configuring Your Router” and “Wiring Your LAN (Local Area Network)” is worth the price of the book alone. I’m telling you, instead of surfing all over the Net picking up a little free info here and a little free help there, bit the bullet and get this ebook, It will save you hours of head scratching and time-wasting.

The technical information is again excellent. Technical explanations are jargon free and written is very easy to understand English.

And even more than his other ebook, he really should have used a “Step 1, Step 2, Step 3” layout in the more technically detailed spots. You probably will have print out some chapters and highlight sections to make sure you don’t miss a step. But overall this ebook is also a winner.

If you want to save yourself thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in worry and stress then you need to get this ebook before you setup any kind of computer network. Honestly, if I had known about it sooner, I would have saved myself lots of wasted time working on clients’ machines.

Click to order here: Part of 3 Volume Package: $37.00**

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