Data Recovery – When You Really Gotta Get Those Files Back!

Data Recovery for the Dangerously Desperate

Okay, you have tried everything you know how to save your dying hard drive but the information on it is just too valuable to risk mucking around with it anymore.

This data is not just a bunch family photos but is private data from your business or from a client – lose it means losing this project, possibly tarnishing your career for years to come.

But should you seek out a professional data recovery service?

  • When your data is stored on a storage device that doesn’t belong to you. If the hard drive in your company laptop or staff desktop goes bad, you can save both your information and your possibly your job by having a trained data recovery specialist check things out.
  • The information or data on your hard drive is worth over a $1000 in either replacement time or the cost of lost production. If your business is going to suffer financially due to a data loss, then you need to recover as much of that data from your broken hard drive as fast as possible. This is where a recovery professional can really save you money in the long run.
  • The data on your hard drive is highly classified, confidential or just a personal secret. Good data recovery companies, always hold any of your recovered information in strictest confidence. This might not be so if you are using just any local computer repair shop.
  • The documents, images or data on your hard drive is irreplaceable. If your hard drive holds the only copies of your life’s work for the past 13 years and it goes belly up – then you should seriously get a data recovery expert to handle the process.

If your data loss matches any of these situations then you need some professional help  fast.  This is when I recommend that my clients start looking seriously at using a company like DriveSavers.

I first heard of DriveSavers in the 1990’s when I first started working with PCs. They have been in business since 1985 and truly have some of most respected data recovery experts in the field working for them.

To learn more about DriveSavers, check out these videos on them here…

Or take a few minutes to check out this way educational hard drive crash simulator that shows you why hard drives can mess up so quickly.


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