PC Troubleshooting – One Weird Keyboard Problem

One Weird Keyboard Problem – Troubleshooting

By John R Smith

Three days ago, after Tom adjusted some keyboard settings, he met a weird problem: the “NUM” light was in green all the time, but he was unable to input any key on the screen, this problem went on after he restarted his computer. Then he turned to me.

Though keyboards are one of the frequently used computer hardware devices, if it has a problem, in many cases it is due to a poor contact or a wrong plug. After eliminating the loose connection and some hardware problems, I tried to key characters into some text editing software programs and input website addresses in the browser, both failed.

Then I brought to mind that probably the problem was behind the wrong keyboard settings. Considering this issue happened after Tom adjusted some keyboard settings, so I tried to locate it from there.

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I clicked Start, selected Control Panel and then double-clicked Keyboard to check its settings, but I could not find any fault that could cause this hitch. Then I wondered whether my troubleshooting method was right or not? But I had no other better idea.

By accident, I saw the Accessibility Options in the Control Panel sheet; I knew this was designed for the disabled, and we seldom used it. Was the trouble related to this item?

Whatever, I tried to open it, scrutinized all the settings which were related to the keyboard and mouse there. I found that the Use Filter Keys item was selected by mistake, at the same time a clock appeared in the toolbar. Then I disabled this Use Filter Keys item and click OK. Well, everything turned back normal again. Finally I learned that sometimes a wrong setting in the Accessibility Options also could make your keyboard act up.

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