Does Your Email Etiquette Suck? – Part One

Like those other famous siblings the Hilton sisters, (Paris and Nicky), Spam and Email are both in the headlines a lot.

Email is one the primary workhorses of modern communications. Email has made business-to-business communications fast, scalable, and extremely cost-effective. Without email, millions of dollars in data and deals would just simply not be possible.

However, its evil sister Spam (unsolicited messages) is drowning the business world in a constant flood of drunken digital debauchery costing US organizations an estimated $10 billion dollars in lost revenue and shadow costs (hidden expenses) to combat it.

As a result most business people are starting to take a closer look at the email they receive as well at the messages they send out. It used to be that email etiquette mainly consisted of not using profanity, learning all the latest “:) smileys and “NOT WRITING IN ALL CAPS”. But now people’s reputation and careers have been tarnished and sidetracked due to what was deemed inappropriate emails.

So what can you, a small operation do to protect your business? Follow these eight tips to lessen the impact spam and bad email has on your company.

Beware The Unknown Attachment: If you didn’t ask for it and you are not expecting it, “DON’T OPEN IT”. So what if your kid is “always” sending you pictures or cute little things they find on the internet.


Email them back and ask if they sent something to you. And most importantly ask where they got it from! Everyone knows the “forwarder”, they just “looove” to laugh and click the “forward” button on their email so you can share a laugh with them.

Be careful of what they send to you! They are the primary movers of the “dancing baby, hopping skeleton, bowling Santa and Bonzi Buddy Bear” and whatever else is the newest spyware and virus bomb. Whatever is cool or cute, the forwarder will find it and pass it on to you. Along with the latest Trojan downloader and the porn popups that are sure to come with it.

“DON’T OPEN IT”, enough said.

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