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Does Your Email Etiquette Suck? – Part Five

Use Email Responsibly: A couple of years back, a business associate came to me with a deal he and a friend were working on. They wanted my help in setting them up with an online web server or a web host who would let them send out unlimited “unsolicited emails” to a list of small […]

Does Your Email Etiquette Suck? – Part Four

Stop falling for the “We Holding Your Money in Dubai” scams and other Phishing Stories: Nope. You have not won the lottery. You do not have a large sum of cash sitting and waiting for you in a bank in Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya or LA (Lower Asheville, NC).

Does Your Email Etiquette Suck? – Part Three

Set Aside an Email Address For Online Use: Create and use an email address just to use online when you sign up for email lists, chat rooms, websites and online registrations, etc. Keep your other email addresses for direct-to-direct contact with customers and business associates.

Does Your Email Etiquette Suck? – Part Two

Stop Chain mail, Bad Jokes and E-Mail Hoaxes: Now about off-color jokes, chain e-mails and hoaxes. I got two words for you: STOP IT!

Does Your Email Etiquette Suck? – Part One

Like those other famous siblings the Hilton sisters, (Paris and Nicky), Spam and Email are both in the headlines a lot.

Desktops are from Chrysler™ & Laptops are from Refrigadare™ – Part Two

Now you can “fix” all of the above problems by buying after-market parts like keyboards, mice and monitors but you did get this thing to be mobile, right? Laptop replacement parts for the average “do-it-yourself” Joe are expensive, hard to come by and tough to work with. Trust me on this one. Imagine lots of […]

Desktops are from Chrysler™ & Laptops are from Refrigadare™

Should You Buy a Desktop or a Laptop? So why would I compare a car manufacturer to an appliance maker? And what the heck does any of that have to do with your computer?

How to Get Started

Now that you have determined that this website is right for you we can move on. How this Website Works One of the hardest parts of repairing computers is learning where to begin. Non-technical people get all tangled up in the “hardware vs. software” thing and waste hours searching online trying to piece together odd-n-end […]

How to Use This Website…

Have you ever had any of these problems? You have a strange problem with your hard drive… You are not sure what is wrong but when you boot up your hard drive simply takes forever to bring Windows up. You keep hearing funny sounds but you don’t know what to do. Your computer is so […]

How to spring clean your computer _ Part 2

PC Clean Up and Maintenance Techniques Delete all old programs Go to “Start > Programs” and use the “uninstall” tools on any old applications that you or your family no longer needs. If a program doesn’t have an uninstall program, then go to “Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs”. Remove any programs here in […]