Review: Computer Secrets Unleashed! Volume 1

Computer Secrets Unleashed! Volume 1: PC Tips and Tricks

Author: Rich Pryor
Format: PDF
Pages: 30+
Delivery: Download only
Publisher: Hana Bound LLC
Publication Date: 2009
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Now I admit to being to a skeptical and cynical so-and-so sometimes. I had seen ads for this ebook floating around the net for over a year. But I had ignored it mainly because; I never heard any other computer geeks talk about it much.

Sure, I found a ton of Internet marketers yakking on about it but we all know some those guys live next door to crooked and would endorse a pile of bat poop if it had a big enough commission for it. So to say I was more than a little leery when I downloaded a copy of Mr. Pryor’s little ebook would be an understatement.

I was both pleasantly surprised and impressed. His little how-to manual is good, very good!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – How To Buy A Computer
Chapter 2 – Can Your Old Computer Be Saved?
Chapter 3 – How To Tweak Your Computer For Maximum Performance
Chapter 4 – How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses And Spyware
Chapter 5 – How To Backup Your Computer
Chapter 6 – The Best Free Software
Chapter 7 – Bonus Tips And Tricks

I liked this manual because Pryor “talked to” and not down his readers. This is a rare thing in the geek world. Lots of computer technicians are highly skilled, smart (even brilliant) people but lack the ability to comfortably interact with non-technical folks. After reading his book, you can imagine him sitting across from you talking in plain, easy to understand language about what you need to do to fix your home or small office computer. And I am very glad he included a section on backups since I have a real pet peeve about clients not doing them. He even named some freebie software, I hadn’t heard about.

The technical information is spot-on. Very well thought out and communicated with common sense and in a practical manner. Technical explanations are jargon free and written is very easy to understand English.

I admit this is picky. While he did a great job of explaining what should be done, I personally feel a few of the more complex spots could have been helped with a “Step 1, Step 2, Step 3” layout. But this is just me and overall this ebook is a winner.

Dang it! I wish I had written it. This was one of few computer how-to guides I have found that I could honestly recommend to my non-technical clients without fear of them getting overwhelmed with computer jargon and confused with complex instructions. This is the manual should have come with your computer!

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