Review: Online Tech Support Service – “Instant Technology Relief for Computer Problems”

Format: Technical Support Service
Delivery: Remote Connection and Phone
Publisher: SupportSoft
Order now for: $19.99*/mos**

By now you may have noticed that this website is all about teaching people how to fix common computer problems on their own without expensive outside IT consultants. So why would I do a review on remote technical support service?

The reason is simple. I try to write useful how-to articles that help non-technical people understand and use their computer technology better.

But, sometimes, people just need a little extra help or something complex and nasty has really stumped them and they need a guiding hand. So who are they going to turn to for help at 1:00 AM in the morning or late on a Sunday afternoon?

I did a lot of research on remote services, checked out their reviews and forums and dug down to the “company” behind the website, if possible. Sure, I found a ton of websites hyping this one or that one, but I liked best.

Their parent company is SupportSoft, a NASDAQ (SPRT) corporation. They are the folks behind the helpdesk software systems for such customers as Lowe’s, Dell and Bellsouth. is their consumer helpdesk division, I guess you could say.

• System TuneUp
• Virus and Spyware Removal
• Network Setup and Troubleshoot
• Wireless Security Setup
• Printer Setup and Troubleshooting
• Data Backup Service
• Tune and Protect
• Digital Camera Training and Setup
• MP3 Player Training and Setup

Remote access over the Internet. This is big one. These guys are the experts as providing remote technical assistance. If you have high-speed access then they can reach your machine and help you. This a plus if the ability of taking your computer to a repair shop is limited due to physical problems, time contra its or travel issues.

Remote access over the Internet. Trained computer professionals on call 24/7.

Now they clain to fix computers instantly and naturally that’s a bit of stretch. But one they “remote” into your PC, they have very powerful software, that does make it seem like they fixed your problems, “instantly”. Repair costs are similar to an offline repair shop, so there are no direct savings there.

Okay, if your machine has gone belly up and you need it worked on by a pro ASAP, this may be a service you can use. And having your PC worked on at your convenience at the time of your choosing in your own home may out weigh other considerations. Click here to order now**

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