Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step 8: Test, Test And Then Test Some More

Before you close the case and throw away the receipt, power up and test everything!

Ok, you have reinstalled or replaced the defective part. Now you should test it. And test it and test it. Turn your machine on and off several times. Testing keeps down the frustration levels.

Go online and poke about for a while. Open the word processor and write a letter. This is the time to run any diagnostic programs you may have. Make certain things are running smoothly before you put the case back on and put the whole thing back under your desk.

Don’t lose your mind if something is still flaky. Just go back to step 2 – go take a break! Simply walk away, clear your head and start over. Start with the simple and obvious.

Did I tell you how frustrating it was when after having spent over an hour working to replace my modem; I accidentally loosened the power cable on the monitor?

So, I when I got everything repaired and turned on the computer all I got was a “BLANK SCREEN” followed by a major hissy fit until I figured out what was wrong. Trust me when I say to test, test and retest.

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