PC Basics

Three of the Most Common Computer Problems

3 of the Most Common Computer Problems …and What to Do About Them With computers being such an integral part of our day-to-day lives, it’s little surprise that computer problems can quickly turn our worlds upside down.  Having a computer that won’t turn on, one that’s unbelievably slow or one that is acting plain weird […]

Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step 8: Test, Test And Then Test Some More

Before you close the case and throw away the receipt, power up and test everything! Ok, you have reinstalled or replaced the defective part. Now you should test it. And test it and test it. Turn your machine on and off several times. Testing keeps down the frustration levels. Go online and poke about for […]

Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step 7: Reinstall, Reconfigure or Replace

The only three things you ever have to do to repair any computer… Now that you have a good idea of which part has gone bad, you may begin the decision-making process of whether or not to reinstall/reconfigure your software (and any accompanying device driver software) or to replace a failing hardware component. But before […]

Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step 6: Learn how to troubleshoot

Okay, you’ve checked the simple stuff and now you know for sure something is “bad broke”. Here’s what to do to next. There are two ways of diagnosing computer problems: METHOD #1 – TROUBLESHOOTING TO THE “BAREBONES” This method, while not the quickest way to identify defective hardware parts is the most basic and the […]

Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step 5: Identify and Isolate the Problem

But first check the obvious… More times than we would like to admit, computer problems are often caused by simple human error. This is good because then the problems then are very easy to solve. Is the power on in the room? I know…just how dumb do I think I think people are…? Well, I […]

Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step 4: Figure Out What Happened

Play Detective and look for clues… The most difficult part of troubleshooting a computer is to find out what actually has happened or what is going on right now. I know it sounds crazy…you were standing right there when the dang computer went on the fritz. You know what happened, right? What you saw was […]

Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step 3: Never Underestimate a Positve Attitude

A Good Attitude Is Everything Now that you are calmer and refreshed, we can get down to work. First, let’s talk about your attitude. Do you have the RIGHT one in place? I know I just fussed at you for having a “right at any cost” mindset before. But this kind of attitude is different. […]

Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step 2: Calm Down…Don’t Panic

Don’t make things worst… Okay, so now that you have stopped and studied the situation, and you’ve have determined that it’s not a simple or obvious “glitch” and it looks pretty serious. What’s next? OK, now is the time to go get a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of your favorite cold beverage. […]

Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step1: Don’t Ignore Problems…

Stop and look at what is happening to the machine! Stop banging on the keyboard, talking on the phone. Just slow down and study the situation. Don’t ignore it and think you are too busy and you will “worry” about it later. Stop when you know you are in trouble. I learned this helpful lesson […]

Houston, We have a PC Problem – 8 Things to do right now

Eight Things You Should Do When Your Computer is Misbehaving Before you pick up that screwdriver and download one of the mini-guides you should read over these 8 tips on what to do when things start going badly. Step 1 – Don’t Ignore Problems Admit something is wrong with your computer. You can’t fix it […]