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How this Website Works

One of the hardest parts of repairing computers is learning where to begin. Non-technical people get all tangled up in the “hardware vs. software” thing and waste hours searching online trying to piece together odd-n-end bits of information and figure out went wrong with their machine.

And then more importantly, waste their hard-earned bucks on junk, when they do finally know which part has gone bad.

To eliminate this merry-go-round of misinformation, wasted money and lost hours, the meat of this website has been broken down into sections.  I will go over each section in detail and explain how it can help you with your computer issues.

Computer Components
Under the Hood – The Ten “Moving” Parts: An illustrated summary of the main components inside a standard computer, their names and what they do.

Computer Processes
What Happens When You Start’er Up? – The Power-On-Self-Test (POST): explains in plain English the processes that a computer must complete before it becomes ready for use. This section also explains some the error codes and messages your computer sends to you when something goes wrong.

Computer Troubleshooting Made Easy
You don’t have to be smart or take lots of time to learn how to quickly determine which part of a computer is causing a problem.

A Growing Library of Free Computer Problem Tips and How-To Articles

Now the next area you should visit is my general computer problem solving or “Free Tips” section. These are basically my free gifts to you. 

Here I share with you all the knowledge and experience I have collected in my 18+ years of messing with and working on personal computers. You will get solid, practical instruction on personal technology via my articles, video tutorials (coming soon) and tech tip cheatsheets.

Take time to read the ones that interest you now and bookmark the rest, so you can come back and browse later when you need to.

Specific Repair Mini-Guides
Theses are my growing library of “how-to-do-it-right” mini guides. Each mini guide is designed to solve one special set of problems and nothing else. Every guide is crammed full of “by-the-numbers” detailed instructions and full color illustrations for those tricky bits words just can’t describe properly.


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