Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step 2: Calm Down…Don’t Panic

Don’t make things worst…

Okay, so now that you have stopped and studied the situation, and you’ve have determined that it’s not a simple or obvious “glitch” and it looks pretty serious.

What’s next?

OK, now is the time to go get a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of your favorite cold beverage. Huh? Yes, I want you to simply walk away and clear your head.

What? You got work to do!

Yes, I know. But if the PC is “bad broke”, you standing over it, fretting, and wringing your hands will not bring it back from the dead or off the critical list.

Don’t Panic! YOU can do something about this. Remember you only have to do one of two things: reinstall something or replace something. Just one of two little things! I will let know when it’s time to panic.

If you must stay busy, get those phone calls done, do that filing you have been putting off or do some isometric chair exercises.

Panic and mental fatigue create confusion and frustration worse than anything a broken computer can do to you. Just stop now and go get something to drink! Take a walk! In addition, when your mind is clear and calm, you can come back to your PC problem.

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