Houston, We have a PC Problem – Step1: Don’t Ignore Problems…

Stop and look at what is happening to the machine! Stop banging on the keyboard, talking on the phone. Just slow down and study the situation. Don’t ignore it and think you are too busy and you will “worry” about it later. Stop when you know you are in trouble.

I learned this helpful lesson from one of those adventure shows on “Tee-Vee”. A wilderness park ranger was explaining that children were often easier to find than adults when they become lost while hiking.

It seems that lost kids will usually stop wandering around once they realize they are in trouble. They then would either start walking in a tiny circle to see if they could orient themselves or if they can’t; they will either sit or lie down and start crying for help while waiting for help from a grown up.

Adults, on the other hand would almost never backtrack or stay put (admit to being in trouble.). They would always push on thinking “civilization” was just over the next ridge or down in the next valley. They just end up putting more and more miles between themselves and help they need.

The same thing happens with folks and their computers. A lot of people almost never stop when they come in contact with an unknown problem or situation.

The urge to “be right” keeps them from stopping and looking things if they get into trouble. They either ignore it or keep banging helplessly away at the keyboard until the system is good and locked and they are frustrated.

The first key is to stop what you are doing! Just stop, recognize and accept that something is wrong with your machine. You can’t fix what you don’t recognize as a problem.

Ignoring a minor problem can cost you more in repair bills but it can also potentially harm your business files and records if the situation is severe enough.

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