What to Look For In a Replacement Hard Drive

Your hard drive is fading into the West. You hear all manner of grinding sounds coming from it and it’s working slower than an accountant doing an audit. So you grab your wallet and bounce down to the local electronics store to find a replacement.

Broken Hard Drive? How to recover your data files

“Technology… is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other. ” ~C.P. Snow It’s an accepted fact that hard drives are the weakest link in computer technology. The hard disk is where the operating system and all software applications are stored. Because […]

The 3 Levels of Spyware: Do you still control your computer?

Has spyware taken over your computer? Learn the 3 levels of spyware to know for sure… “The only difference between the fool, and the criminal who attacks a system is that the fool attacks unpredictably and on a broader front.” (Tom Gilb)

Spyware Hackers or You: Who is the most dangerous?

Are you sabotaging yourself with spyware? “The Amish Virus You have just received the Amish virus. As the Amish don’t have any technology or programming experience, this virus works on the honor system.  Please delete all the files from your hard drive and manually forward this virus to everyone on your mailing list.  Thank you […]

Spyware Invasion: What to Do when You Have Been Hacked

If you want to prevent having your personal files exposed then you should read what to do when you get hacked…

Ten Spyware Warning Signs: Are You Infected?

Is your computer infected with spyware? Check out these 10 warning signs to take action today…

Five Spyware Mistakes Most Everyone Makes: Could this be you?

If you want to avoid being overrun with spyware then read and avoid the five mistakes most everyone makes…

Ten Fast Fixes for “Slow Computers” that really work

One the most dreaded questions a PC tech hears is, “How do I fix my slow PC?” You start to explain various fixes but then the client shakes his head and says, “No…I’m not doing all that…what software do I buy?”

Halt…Who goes there? How to Create Strong & Secure Passwords – Part Two

Five Practices for a Strong Password Fact: no password is unbreakable. In theory, any password can be cracked given the right software; enough computing time and the money to pay for them. If someone REALLY wants to break into your accounts, they can.

Halt…Who goes there? How to Create Strong & Secure Passwords – Part One

Protecting Your Privacy With Passwords! Your cash, your personal history and your private identity information is stored in computers all across the Internet. And you control the access to all of these with a simple password.