PC Maintenance

What Happens When You Start’er UP? –

The Power-On-Self-Test (POST) Now that you know about the 10…or 11 main parts of a modern computer system, you need to know how they work together. When any computer first boots up, it performs a POST (Power On Self Test) or system check. Basically, a POST check allows a computer to count all its “fingers […]

Computer Repairs – Why Do It Yourself?

Okay, you’re not sure if you should be monkeying around inside your computer. You still have a warranty, a long term service contract and everything, right? Yes, I understand. But what you don’t know if that the PC support industry is slowly dying out. Hands-on technical service is expensive to provide long term. Hint: Dell, […]

Under The Hood – The 10 “Moving” Parts of a Computer

Despite what anyone tells you, troubleshooting a desktop computer is usually a very straightforward thing. There are just 10 “moving” parts to a standard desktop or tower PC. A laptop has exactly the same parts (if you exclude the “built-in” screen, keyboard and glidepad)only miniaturized and squeezed into a much smaller case. The Ten Parts […]

How to spring clean your computer _ Part 2

PC Clean Up and Maintenance Techniques Delete all old programs Go to “Start > Programs” and use the “uninstall” tools on any old applications that you or your family no longer needs. If a program doesn’t have an uninstall program, then go to “Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs”. Remove any programs here in […]

How to spring clean your computer…

Do You Ever Degunk Your PC? “It’s like a closet…your hard drive is like a closet. You can’t keep putting all these programs in here. You have to clean stuff out every now and then.”, I kept telling him. But he would just nod and smile. He wasn’t getting it. He was an older user […]