What should a home office computer user do to prevent data loss?

Preventing data loss in the home or small office All too often business folks who work from home, feel that they shouldn’t have to spend as much on backup technology as their rental space peers. In fact this far from the case. Everyone should adopt strategies to ensure critical information is protected from corruption and […]

Is there any way to recover my files from a broken hard drive?

Have a Broken Hard Drive? Your next steps are critical! Yes passing out could be an option – but not if you want to keep your business or career out of the ditch! The key to dealing with any hard drive file lost is NOT TO PANIC! There are lots of things you can do […]

Data Recovery – When You Really Gotta Get Those Files Back!

Data Recovery for the Dangerously Desperate Okay, you have tried everything you know how to save your dying hard drive but the information on it is just too valuable to risk mucking around with it anymore. This data is not just a bunch family photos but is private data from your business or from a […]

PC Troubleshooting – One Weird Keyboard Problem

One Weird Keyboard Problem – Troubleshooting By John R Smith Three days ago, after Tom adjusted some keyboard settings, he met a weird problem: the “NUM” light was in green all the time, but he was unable to input any key on the screen, this problem went on after he restarted his computer. Then he […]

Three of the Most Common Computer Problems

3 of the Most Common Computer Problems …and What to Do About Them With computers being such an integral part of our day-to-day lives, it’s little surprise that computer problems can quickly turn our worlds upside down.  Having a computer that won’t turn on, one that’s unbelievably slow or one that is acting plain weird […]

Data Recovery Might Not Be That Expensive

Data Recovery Might Not Be That Expensive By Rory Cain I could easily fill this page with expletives that have been used when an innocent hard disk gives up the ghost, goes belly up and journeys skyward to hard disk heaven. These words are usually louder and accompanied by banging and (often) whimpering when that […]

Computer Maintenance Fast Fixes – How to Stop Computer Problems in Your Office Before They Start

Computer Maintenance Fast Fixes Okay sooner or later your office PC (personal computer) will have something go wrong with it. Like any other office machine, computers are subject to glitches, bugs and crashes caused by failing hardware or software. And in the long run your small business PC will be no different.

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Review: Support.com Online Tech Support Service

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Review: Computer Secrets Unleashed! Volume 2

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