Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD 480GB

Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD (480GB) Review

“The Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD (480GB) … is a rugged, compact external solid-state drive (SSD). It’s expensive, but you do get speed in a chassis built like a tank. The case is made of crush-resistant aluminum, so it will survive being tossed into your carry bag, whether you’re on the way to the desert or to your office…”

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Lexar JumpDrive M20 Mobile USB 3.0 (32GB)

Lexar JumpDrive M20 Mobile USB 3.0 (32GB)

The Lexar JumpDrive M20 Mobile USB 3.0, a mobile-friendly flash drive with both USB 3.0 and microUSB connectors, offers impressive performance."

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Imation Link Power Drive (16GB)

Imation LINK Power Drive Portable 16GB Power and Data Storage for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch Devices

The Imation Link Power Drive (16GB) USB and Lightning-connected flash drive combines storage and battery backup into one compact solution.


  • Lightning Cable is MFI Certified
  • Transfer photos, videos and files from your iPhone or iPod touch to the LINK Power Drive to free up space.
  • Use the integrated power bank to charge your iPhone or iPod touch wherever you are, whenever you need it.
  • View content from your LINK Power Drive on your mobile device while you charge.
  • Features built-in standard USB and Apple Lightning connectors for transferring files between your computer and your iPhone or iPod touch.


What should a home office computer user do to prevent data loss?

Preventing data loss in the home or small office

All too often business folks who work from home, feel that they shouldn’t have to spend as much on backup technology as their rental space peers. In fact this far from the case. Everyone should adopt strategies to ensure critical information is protected from corruption and loss. Continue reading

Is there any way to recover my files from a broken hard drive?

Have a Broken Hard Drive? Your next steps are critical!

Yes passing out could be an option – but not if you want to keep your business or career out of the ditch! The key to dealing with any hard drive file lost is NOT TO PANIC! There are lots of things you can do first before you let yourself hit the floor.

To avoid permanent data loss, you should follow these very important guidelines:

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